Safe and comfortable stay With sense of responsibility to our guests we inform you the opening of Andreas Studios accommodation on June 1st, with the utmost care to ensure that your stay here is safe, implementing the necessary precautionary measures according to the NPHO and the Ministry of Tourism Public, Health Protocol at the property. Therefore, the measures we follow to prevent the transmission of the coronavirus are announced below: Health Protocol Applications
  • Attendance of an educational program and continuous training for the tourist accommodations health protocols.
  • Using Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Ability to provide useful information for health providers, pharmacies, etc. and Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Installation of antiseptic devices for customer use.
  • Keeping distances during check-in/check-out.
  • Touchless check-in/check-out system via web-online check in.
Area and room cleanliness
  • Frequent cleaning and disinfection in all public areas and especially in common objects (eg knobs, switches, ladder handrails, etc.) as well as keys.
  • Policy of keeping empty the room 1 hour before is available to the next customer is followed. Τhe room is cleaned and disinfected using detergents with antibacterial and antimicrobial action and adequate natural ventilation of the space is followed.
  • Disposable covers on TV and air condition controls.
  • Liquid soap for regular hand washing.
  • Kitchen equipment is washed with soap and hot water and cabinets are cleaned after each check-out.
  • The water in the community of Romanou is drinkable, according to the regular analyzes of the Municipality of Lemnos
  • Air conditioning is possible when doors and windows are open.
Updates We keep our distance from you, only by avoiding handshakes. All our services are offered with joy and the best hospitality mood!! We ask for your understanding and adherence to the measures and we thank you in advance for your personal responsibility for maintaining hygiene in the accommodation. Finally, we would like to inform you that Andreas Studios accommodation has an official cooperation with the Doctor Thomas Loukas for the control and the management, in case of a COVID-19 incident appears. On behalf of the accommodation manager, we wish you a pleasant and safe stay.

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